• Testimonials

  • Surroundings by Natureworks and the subcontractors completed all aspects of the job in a very professional manner. The quality of the workmanship was excellent. We were so pleased with the work they performed on our deck that we hired them to also remodel our home. All of the workers were very pleasant and supportive and the design team was very helpful in making all of the many decisions that go into a home remodeling and building a deck.

    Project Date: July 2015 Project Price: $50,000 - $100,000

  • The Surroundings by Natureworks team are very artistic and creative when it comes to outdoor living spaces. They transformed our backyard into a staycation destination!

    Project Date: June 2010 Project Price: $1,000 - $9,999

  • The Surroundings by Natureworks team provide quality and beautiful work! They turned our back patio into an every day vacation getaway. We look forward to coming home and going to our retreat for a mini-vacation whenever we need one.
  • I credit Surroundings with having the vision and the great book of ideas, so people can say wow those are options I never thought of. We ended up doing a flagstone path that is just fabulous. Our landscaping looks beautiful and flowers every season. We love sitting out there. We have a fire pit that gets a lot of use too. The purpose was to have an outdoor living space, and that’s exactly what it has become.
  • Being able to describe our visions for our space have Surroundings come back with a design that was right on the money and have it go to completion in such a professional way, plus on-time, within budget and great clean-up was an amazing experience. It was hassle free, and we got exactly what we wanted.
  • We needed a new path from back gate to our swimming pool. Surroundings came up with the most creative and beautiful walkway. Our neighbors all comment on it. They are delightful to work with, and I’d highly recommend Surroundings.
  • It was a fun project. There was a whole corner that was unused, and we had a vision of a having a fireplace and a bar. Our space was unkempt and wild, and we wanted a little more order in the backyard. We knew we had a great palette to work with, but we just didn't know where to go with it. Surroundings spent time getting to know us and how we'd use the space. It's added areas where we can bring the whole family together. They maximixed the space and the amont of time we were able to use it during the year.