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  • Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting

    Surroundings by Natureworks Grand Opening Drumroll.... We can't wait for you to see our newly designed and installed showcase space at the Indiana Design Center. From stunning interior remodeling to incredible outdoor living spaces, the new showroom offers stylish vignettes and a materials/photo [...]

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    Nine Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom with WOW

    “Wow…I love my master bathroom!  I feel like I’m on vacation at a beautiful resort!” a client recently squealed!! We love beautifully designed and installed bathrooms too. So what are the components of a bathroom that prompt thrilled clients and homeowners to say this? Here are 9 [...]

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    Bathroom Remodel FAQs

    There’s been a sudden burst in handyman requests for bathroom renovations. Some are pretty simple, yet make a quick and dramatic difference. These often include changing out the vanity handles, updating the fixtures (shower head, faucets) and a fresh coat of paint. Occasionally we sand and paint [...]

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