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  • Is Your Outdoor Living Space Ready for Summer?

      Living through a pandemic during the cold winter months is torture, right? We're all getting a little stir crazy, which is why NOW is the perfect time to start planning for your your home’s outdoor living space. As the circumstances of our world continue to change, there are a few [...]

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    Did you know that we build more pergolas for reasons other than shade, than we do for shade? Yep. So…what else does a pergola do? Shade is an obvious reason to bring a pergola into your outdoor living space. Here are 4 more: 1. Sexy Privacy. That’s right, privacy. Imagine a neighboring [...]

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    3 Things to Make Spring 2016 the Best in Outdoor Living

    Have a case of the winter blues? Dreaming of relaxing in warmth in your own backyard oasis? Us too. We feel like Indiana is teasing us a bit of late. One day it feels like spring is around corner and the next there is freezing rain, sleet and snow. While we all wait for spring to come and stay [...]

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