Things to Consider when Remodeling During a Pandemic
When the Great Pause started, many expressed gratitude for the additional time and slower pace of life. But as weeks turned into months, homeowners began to realize that things needed attention around the house.

With an attention to safety and function, you might be wondering how to proceed. There are some things to consider when remodeling during a pandemic.

Things to look for in a Covid-Safe Contractor:

While professional contractors should have a Covid Safety Plan in place, make sure your contractor is sensitive to your family’s unique needs and comfort levels.

Private Appointments and Showroom Visits
Does the idea of visiting a crowded box store (in winter, during a pandemic) put you on the anxious side? Skip it. Small businesses can often offer the benefit of virtual consultations, email, private appointments and individualized showroom visits to select your materials.

Creativity and Honesty – Solutioneering
Not every project requires a complete overhaul. A trustworthy professional should be able to make suggestions and give ideas for different solutions that won’t always require a complete rebuild.

Small businesses don’t have the marketing power of a big box store, but instead rely heavily on word-of-mouth advertising. What does this mean for the homeowner? It means that a smaller business has more incentive to make the client happy and should easily be able to provide references upon request.

Flexibility – Design Now, Build Later
Businesses understand that each homeowner has a different level of comfort. For those who aren’t eager to have a construction crew in their home over the winter, you can still get to work on the planning stage so you’re ready to build when the circumstances are more favorable.

Whatever stage you’re in, Surroungings by Natureworks can help navigate your project from beginning to end. Our Pinterest boards can lend some inspiration, while our dedicated designers can get you on your way and help set up showroom visits with our collaborators at the Indiana Design Center.

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