If Memorial Day represents the start of summer, Halloween most definitely marks the start of the holiday season. And that usually means making our homes festive and bright. Whether you’re planning a small intimate gathering with close family and friends or you’re roasting turkey for 50 people, inevitably our minds drift to the home improvements that still need doing. Maybe that contractor-grade kitchen just isn’t pulling its weight anymore. Or staying at home for the last six months has put a strain on the guest bathroom.

The good news is that it’s not too late too late.

Every project is different, so the first step is determining expectations. Because we specialize in “Solutioneering” we can help with all the important decisions that help shape your approach. And most importantly, because we work collaboratively with our neighbors in the Indiana Design Center, planning can literally be a one-stop experience.

Our tips for preparing your home for the holidays.

Kitchens are the heart of the home.
It’s the hub of most gatherings as well as where most of the holiday planning takes place. While remodeling may seem like a big undertaking, a professional contractor can often execute a beautiful project in time to put the stockings on the fireplace. But if you’re not ready for a complete re-do, there are still some Simple Interior Refreshers for sprucing up your space. Consider new lighting, updating faucets and cabinet pulls, installing a new backsplash or refashioning an island to be more functional for your needs.

Floor your Guests
New flooring can be a quick and easy way to improve your space. Ambitious homeowners can try this as a DIY project. But a qualified contractor can make this project go a lot smoother (and quicker) by helping with product selection, design and of course installation.

Bathroom Renovations
Tackling a bathroom renovation not only increases home value but can be a easier project than a kitchen overhaul. One of our expert designers will help with planning, establishing a schedule, setting showroom appointments and more. But just like kitchens, it doesn’t have to be all or none. Simple refreshers like a new color schemes, changing out accessories, updating fixtures and installing new window treatments can be just what you need.

Boost Curb Appeal and Light the Way
Replacing or painting the front door can help your guests feel welcome while potentially improving your home’s energy efficiency. While improved lighting can provide increased security and help guests safely arrive to your evening gatherings.

Don’t forget the Basement
Updating a basement can be less hassle for homeowners, but with a big payoff for both holiday gatherings and the long winter ahead. Man Caves often come to mind, but there is so much more a basement has to offer. It could be the perfect family space with a theater room, pool table or dedicated gaming station. It could serve as a playroom for kids, a workout room, home office, or even a combination of things that fit your needs precisely. A basement can even be transformed into a guest suite perfect for older kids who’ve returned home or an aging parent who’s come for an extended stay.

Whatever your needs, we’re confident we can work with you and our partners at the Indiana Design Center to get your home in perfect shape for the holidays. For more inspiration, check out our Pinterest boards as well as the Instagram account for our friends at Rusted Window, and get in touch with us to get started.

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