Living through a pandemic during the cold winter months is torture, right? We’re all getting a little stir crazy, which is why NOW is the perfect time to start planning for your your home’s outdoor living space. As the circumstances of our world continue to change, there are a few trends we’re seeing with outdoor living spaces.

Trends for Outdoor Living Spaces:

Yards with a Purpose
Life in confinement has shifted how homeowners view their outdoor living space. With this, we’re seeing a move away from ornamental and largely unused lawns toward the desire for purposeful landscape design that is both beautiful and functional. Homeowners are looking for a peaceful retreat in their own yard that can include fragrant blooms, relaxation gardens, and even the addition of fruit trees, herb planters and vegetable gardens into the landscape design.

Covered Outdoor Living Spaces
Whether sunny or raining, a covered outdoor living space can add value to your home AND improve quality of life. While adding visual appeal to the space, pergolas provide the perfect answer for a little shade in sunny backyard areas. However, you can take it up a notch with a covered living space with practically endless possibilities, including an outdoor kitchen or grill station, fire feature, large screen TV, ceiling fan and other design and landscaping features to fit your unique needs and tastes.

Integrating pools into your outdoor living space provides more at-home fun and exercise potential. But to truly make it an outdoor oasis, consider adding some entertainment perks like professionally installed outdoor audio, an integrated hot tub and mood setting lighting. Take it a step further with a breath-taking landscape design including fire or water features that will make you forget there’s even a world beyond your own yard.

Kids Zone
Once again, what’s old is new again. And here we are, back in a time where kids are playing outside. Of course, there is the option of including a play set or a tree house. But why stop there? With the right landscape design, your outdoor space can seamlessly transition from play to relaxion. Consider adding a small wildlife pond, a cozy hammock, life-size checkers board, yard games and more.

She Sheds, Granny Pods, Pub Sheds and Other Outbuildings
While everybody is home more, homeowners are looking for alternatives to maximizing their existing space. When an addition is out of the question, we can consider incorporating an additional free-standing structure that will fit within the layout of your outdoor living space. These buildings can vary in size and can be used to host family and friends, create a space for relaxation and alone time, serve as a creative studio, or become your new home office. The options are limitless.

Believe it or not, Summer will be here before you know it. But will you be ready? Learn more about the process below and Contact us today to start working on your dream space.