• Designer Jane Maxwell-Johnson Joins the Surroundings Team

  • We would like to introduce you to Jane Maxwell-Johnson, the newest member of the Surroundings with Natureworks team. With a family background in home construction and a degree in Interior Design from Indiana State University, Jane is the perfect addition to our design team.

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    How many years have you been in the field?

    My father was a builder but my first paying job as a designer was 1986…so nearly 35 years, professionally.

    Are you a lifelong Hoosier?

    Yes. I was born and raised in Indiana, though I did spend about 25 years in the Chicagoland area.

    When did you first discover your passion for your job?

    From a very early age, my dad and I would draw and design houses for fun. I loved to be on jobsites and in the draftsman office with my him, though my mom begged me to be a nurse.

    What is your favorite thing about design?

    I love the process of working with clients wants and needs to create a vision they love.

    What is your favorite Indiana season and why?

    Fall. I love the changing leaves and the crisp cool days and nights by the fire. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

    If you were a superhero, what superpower would you have?

    I would be the bionic woman, of course. I grew up loving that show and how she helped people. It didn’t hurt that she lived in a really cool converted barn home.

    Who has been the most influential person in your career and why?

    My first real job as a designer was for a firm in Dundee, Illinois for Ed Dahlin.¬† He owned a cabinet manufacturing company and sold it to start a design only firm. Because of his manufacturing background I learned about construction of cabinetry and what was possible. But, I’d have to say that my father, Chuck Maxwell was probably the most influential. He was a great father but also taught me about being a successful employee. He did whatever it took. If you needed any sort of part or piece for a project, he’d find it and deliver as needed.

    What is your favorite way to kick-off a Monday?

    A large iced tea is a sure fire way to start the day.

    What’s your favorite thing to “binge watch?”

    I love cooking competition shows like Top Chef and Great British baking show. I am not a big time cook but appreciate the creativity and talent of those who are.