• Simple Interior Refreshers for Your Home

  • Have you ever looked around your home and suddenly felt tired of seeing the same old thing? Many people would love to update their home, perhaps even renovate it, but such an extreme process seems out of their budgets. The good news is that a complete renovation may not be necessary to evoke the kind of change you’d enjoy seeing in your home. Often a simple interior refresh is all you need.

    Below you can find a list of smaller interior refreshers you can add to your home to bring about a fresh new look without the laborious process of a complete renovation.

    Six Simple Ways to Refresh Your Home

    Paint Your Walls

    Painting your walls a different color is perhaps the boldest move you can make when it comes to refreshing your home’s look. Choosing a lighter color, such as an off-white shade, can brighten a room and give viewers a light, breezy feel when they enter. It can also help draw attention to the furniture in the room. Or, you may want to create a cozier, more intimate feel for a place like your dining room by painting the walls a darker color such as navy blue or dark green.

    Update Your Door Hardware

    Another option you have to refresh your interior is to update the hardware on your door. To give your home a modern, trendier feel, try adding gold or bronze door handles, cabinet knobs, and hinges. Industrial, square looks are a hot trend in 2019 and can give you just the new, fresh feel you’ve been looking for.

    Update Your Cabinet Pulls and Faucets

    As with door hardware, gold is a popular color for cabinet pulls and faucets in 2019. You might also consider copper, brass, matte black, or even more of a champagne gold. If you want a more solid feel, try matte black or brass. For a lighter, softer feel, a champagne gold can add an airy look to your room. You can even try mixing and matching cabinet pulls and faucets for more visual interest in your kitchen or bathroom.

    New Light Fixtures

    Don’t underestimate what new light fixtures can do for you. Some of today’s trends in light fixtures allow for aesthetic beauty as well as fantastic functionality. Clear pendants, for example, allow for strong lighting and give a room a rustic, homey feel. Your light fixtures can serve as a sort of work of art in your home with the look of a sculpture. You can even find wall lamps that add an exotic flair to your room and eliminate a feeling of clutter from your end tables.

    Get New Pillows

    New throw pillows on your couches is an often overlooked way of refreshing your home’s look, but it shouldn’t be underestimated. It’s a subtle touch that can add a pop of new color or give a new feel to your furniture that might be just the update you want.

    Backsplash Updates

    An update to the backsplash in your kitchen can give that room quite the look of a makeover. Subway tiles are a popular option, as are backsplashes with patterns and even a bit of shimmer to them.


    Try one or a few of the above options for refreshing your home’s interior. At Surroundings by Natureworks, we can help you update your look to suit your tastes. Contact us today to let us help you update the feel of your home. We serve clients in Carmel, Zionsville, Geist, Meridian Kessler and the surrounding areas.