• 5 Ways to Make Your Home Happier in 2019

  • It’s the time of year when many people are making resolutions. Some want to lose weight or exercise more. Others want to read more books or use their smartphone less. Still others may want to make time to pursue their favorite hobbies.

    And then there are those who want to improve their living spaces in 2019. These are our people! We think your home should be a place you love spending time. And in that spirit, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can improve your home in the new year:

    Clean and Declutter

    Happiness expert Gretchen Rubin says, “Outer order leads to inner calm,” and we have to agree! Clearing clutter and doing a deep clean makes your home feel more peaceful, and creates more space for you to enjoy time with your family. Need somewhere to take all that stuff you’re not using anymore? Check out DonateStuff.com. They’ll not only accept your donations; they’ll also pick them up from you!

    Entertain More

    While we love making homes look amazing, we know that what really makes your home special is the people who are there. Opening your home to friends and family makes your time there even more precious. Whether it’s a fancy dinner party or a laid back game night, consider sharing your space with the people you love this year.

    Solutioneer Problem Spots

    We all have places in our home we’d love to improve. Why not make 2019 the year you take action on those changes? At Surroundings, we specialize in creating solutions for home that fit your life and your budget. We call this “solutioneering,” and it’s one of our favorite ways to serve our clients.

    Increase Visitability

    We’ve been talking a lot lately about “visitability,” which is the idea of making your home a safe and comfortable place to visit for those with limited mobility. Improving your home’s visitability is easy, and it can make your home a more enjoyable place for aging parents, those who use wheelchairs, and others who might have difficulty managing things like stairs or tight spaces. You can learn more about visitability here.

    Give Back

    At Surroundings, we recognize that homeownership is a privilege, and it’s something not everyone is fortunate enough to have. Right here in our own community, there are those who struggle with poverty and homelessness. We want to share our blessings and pay our good fortune forward. We highly recommend finding a cause that matters to you and investing in the work they do.

    Two organizations that are close to our hearts are the Fletcher Place Community Center in downtown Indianapolis, and Habitat for Humanity of Hamilton County. These groups are doing amazing things in our community, and they would truly be blessed with your donations of time or money.

    Do you need help creating a home or patio you love in 2019? We’d love to “solutioneer” something that makes your home happier. Contact us today to find out how we can help.