• Upping Your Home’s Visitability

  • It’s important to make your home a place that you love to be. However, we think it’s also important to consider the people you love, and how you can make your home comfortable and accessible for them. If you or someone you care about is aging, has limited mobility, or uses a wheelchair or walker, you may want to consider updating your home’s visitability.


    What is visitability? It’s considering the comfort and safety of those who visit your home by creating an accessible environment. According to Visitability.com, a home is visitable when it has these three things:

    • At least one zero-step entrance.
    • Doors with at least 32 inches of clear passage space.
    • At least one bathroom on the main floor that can be easily used by someone in a wheelchair.

    Visitability is important for aging parents or those with disabilities, but it also makes life easier for the whole family. New parents will be able to use strollers with ease, furniture and heavy items can be moved in and out, and most of all, anyone who comes to your house will feel welcome and comfortable, because they can enter and use the facilities with ease.

    The best part is, you can create a visitable home without sacrificing style. And we’re so excited about this topic that we are hosting a special event in November to talk more about visitablilty and how Surroundings can make visitability happen in your home.

    We’d love to have you join us on November 29th for a special night of wine, hors d’oeuvres, and conversation. Learn more and RSVP here. Don’t wait to sign up; this special event is limited to just 15 people. Secure your spot today.

    Stay home, be moved, and make your home a place that everyone wants to be.