• Celebrating 25 Years of Surroundings

  • 25 years!  Amazing to realize that 25 quick / eventful / blessed / incredible years ago, I had the great fortune of turning my passion, into my profession.  I am so fortunate that it still is my passion.

    We could easily write an MBA thesis on how the industry has transpired in those 2 ½ decades.  It’s been an exhilarating roller coaster ride, as most entrepreneurs appreciate, highlighted by economic cycles, technology advances, sexy material releases and the launching of our unique co-op model that is driving our continued advances.

    25 Years of Surroundings by Natureworks

    Committed People Bring Beautiful Results

    We know that our fortune is directly married to our committed staff who also embrace their livelihood as their passion.  They recognize that we are not simply building patios, installing landscapes and remodeling bathrooms / kitchens. We are creating incredible living spaces.  And these spaces have the capacity to dramatically impact how people live. They can serve to heal relationships. Encourage relaxing moments and drive the luxurious feel we hope for.  The shared stories from customers are heart-warming and I love sharing them.

    We’re Full of Gratitude

    We send out a glorious thanks to our many clients.  Many of who we call friends. Without their support and kind words, we would not be thriving.  Please keep calling us for projects, questions, and thoughts. We love serving you!

    Thanks to our suppliers and marketing partners whose support is invaluable.  They keep us current and respond to our forward-thinking needs.

    Our Purpose

    I do believe God positioned us here for a reason.  SURROUNDINGS by NatureWorks has allowed us to have a big impact on several non-profit causes that are dear to us.  Nothing is better than feeding the hungry, clothing the cold and building a home for a family without shelter.

    Finally…how do you thank the love of your life for 35 years?  Not only are we celebrating 25 years in business, but 35 years of marriage to my college sweetheart.  And, we have 2 beautiful daughters with amazing minds and healthy lives. Without them, my passion for living is irrelevant.

    Profession to passion.  

    We celebrate #makingadifference – one design at a time for 25 years! Thank you for helping us get here.