• Properly Planned Outdoor Living Spaces

  • I am constantly reminded from clients and friends that we see around town, how a properly planned outdoor living space can dramatically impact how you live and entertain. And the examples are wide, diverse, rich and fun.

    • A client last fall asked for an outdoor bar counter with an overhead pergola for dappled shade. The very edgy design fuels the space and encourages outdoor gatherings to watch sports on the outdoor TV. An adjacent counter adds a touch of privacy with a galvanized panel suspended underneath and an umbrella growing from one of the posts. I have received many calls as the gang enjoys the space!!
    • A long-time client charged us with removing a very tired concrete patio last fall and installing an amazing marble paver patio with an attached contrasting clay paver living space. A pergola wraps the outside to layer in privacy and shade while a crazy cool grill station with limestone counters serves as yet another gathering area. We established 4 distinct living zones that help coral the kids and draw in the neighbors for wine tastings. It helps to have a cool fire pit too!
    • One of my 2017 favorites was very modern and linear. Multi-levels with cut limestone steps and dramatic seat walls really jazz the area up. An abbreviated grill station captures views from the inside and naturally spills to a dining area. The lower level houses a massive rectangular gas fire feature that commands attention. Now, the kids are perfectly happy to hang outside without their phones. Distinctive landscape adds the needed formality with tons of color. Turn up the music and light the grill honey…I’m coming home!

    The stories continue and we create our own almost weekly. It’s especially memorable when my own girls come home, my mom visits, the grill is fired up and laughter fills the air.

    It’s a good life!!