• Bloom Cycles in Crazy Indiana

  • An observation that the bloom cycle and all things spring flowering are running considerably behind schedule this year in Indiana.  Our April has been filled with frigid days and SNOW, more than sunny spring days.

    You’ve likely noticed since returning from your spring break vacations that the usual screaming Redbud trees are NOT on fire with color and that the Serviceberry trees are just now contemplating coming out to bloom.  We can understand their reluctance. Dogwood trees aren’t even thinking about it! Heck, we don’t even know if we should put the sweaters, coats and boots away yet.

    Interesting that their bloom cycles have been a little quirky the last several years where Redbuds start, followed by the Serviceberry, then the Dogwoods.  A few years ago they all bloomed simultaneously for a spectacular show.  This year appears to be late…but, in a thoughtful sequence.

    Several friends took the drive to Florida and noticed the yellow forsythia trees hunkered along the roadside flowering as usual.  It seemed that farther south, just outside of Indiana, usual bloom cycles were maintained.

    Now, Pear trees are commanding our attention as well as a few of the early Crab Apples. For this guy, it’s all very interesting and the science behind it cool. If you’re curious about how flowers know it’s spring and the science behind blooms, here’s a great source to find out more.

    Yes, blooming plants are bright and beautiful and signal a start to warmer weather. They’re a star of the season, and I promise they’re coming along. Enjoy the colors this spring in Indiana, and let Surroundings by Natureworks start that patio you’ve been dreaming of for your own little backyard oasis no matter the season!