• Fishers Indiana IKEA Opens

  • This morning at 9 a.m. the mayor of Fishers, Scott Fadness, Ikea U.S. president Lars Petersson and store manager Holly Davidson will not hold a traditional ribbon-cutting… instead they’ll have a Scandinavian log-sawing to open the doors of the new Swedish store in Fishers, Indiana! Under Swedish custom, sawing a log helps bring good luck. What fun!

    All of Central Indiana has been a buzz for months as we’ve waited in great anticipation for the opening of our first IKEA!

    Did you know nearly every IKEA layout is the same? Yep. Customers walking through the store follow IKEA’s “natural path,” and are guided by overhead lights projecting white arrows that highlight the way to go. There are four main areas: the Showroom, the Marketplace, the Self-Serve Warehouse and the Restaurant.

    The Showroom is where you’ll draw most of your design inspiration for fabulous living spaces, especially kitchens and bathrooms. Rooms are fully furnished and full browsing is encouraged, including sitting and exploring cabinets.

    Don’t miss IKEA’s loyalty program which offers product discounts, restaurant discounts, a dedicated shopping section and design inspiration e-newsletters.

    A must try while there? The IKEA cinnamon rolls. Oh.my.gosh. Heavenly.

    Watch Randy Sorrell chat about IKEA inspired design.