• Summer at the Indiana Design Center

  • Indiana Design Center Summer Successes

    This is how design centers are meant to function. Come along for a look into our summer so far.

    A group of Ball State University design students just toured the Indiana Design Center (IDC), where our showroom is located, with such awe and inspiration. Wide eyed questions followed and the tour continued. They wandered on their own and the fresh energy from future professionals was on full display.

    We just completed a large interior remodeling project and brought in five other designers / suppliers / tenants of the IDC. Thanks to Godby, Ferguson, Premier, Jack Laurie Flooring and a few designers for the amazing results in this Carmel lower level project.

    On most days, the IDC is alive with folks walking through. Some with very specific objectives and others simply taking a stroll.

    Man we love the energy that happens here!