• Low Maintenance Backyard Shade and Privacy

  • Shade, shade, shade coupled with privacy, privacy, privacy and a bit of  LOW MAINTENANCE mixed in, and that accurately describes how most of our outdoor living conversations begin.

    Sure, patio surfaces prevail and the introduction of new materials is very compelling, but nothing compares to shade, privacy and low maintenance. Fortunately, we have equipped our mindset with lots of solutions and creative ideas regarding perfect outdoor living spaces with shade and privacy in mind. Plus the world’s leading designers, developers and manufactures continually push new ideas and products our way. Some are very compelling and some are very expensive too. That’s often the case with leading edge ideas that eventually prompt a large ripple in our world.

    Leading Edge Outdoor Living Early Failures Lead to Later Successes

    Think about the early versions of composite decking. The originally launched products were insanely expensive, frankly not that pretty and most failed ridiculously. Now a few years down the road, there are truly some remarkable products that we love to install. Still expensive, but beautiful and very low maintenance.

    Think about shade sails and recessed blinds in pergolas. When we began installing those a decade ago the designs were average and the price expensive. Mass production and brilliant design efforts make those solutions very approachable now.

    Keep your perspective open. Great new solutions are always just a few steps down the road.