• Could It Be Global Warming

  • Global warming is a very interesting topic indeed, but definitely not getting much attention in regards to how it affects our outdoor living space and landscaping plants.

    We often ponder:

    • Why are oakleaf hydrangeas & juddi viburnums, that were specified and planted a decade ago to be 4’x4’ at maturity, growing to over 6’ tall?
    • Why are 3’ specified green velvet boxwoods are 5’+?
    • Why are 12” tall liriope 16”+?
    • And the list of overgrowing ambitious plants persist…

    Reality is that our Zone 5 in Central Indiana seems to be morphing into a Zone 6. We never dreamed of being able to sustain crepe myrtle’s before, but we are suddenly witnessing their success right here in Indiana. Not in the ornamental tree size (yet), but I sure dig the 2’ tall shrub version!

    Could it be global warming, increased numbers of mega farms, congress passing silly laws that are affecting how things grow?

    Don’t know what’s happening, but it sure is curious to watch.