• My Favorite Things

  • I know you’re thinking… Hey, what are a few of Randy’s favorite things?

    Well, since you asked…

    It does seem at the holidays we pause a little more often to reflect what matters most to us. THINGS most often top the list, until we go a little deeper.

    Of course we would all love to have lush luxury towels in a new spa master bathroom, an updated fire feature and patio to entertain in for next springs adventures and how about new kitchen counters while we are imagining? Yes, all  those are even on my list too, but if I am being real… the things I cherish and hope for are not things at all. They are the moments that bring a smile.

    Here we go as I bare my soul…

    A Few of Randy’s Favorite Things

    1. A few hours with my daughters in the kitchen as we crazily cook dinner for our loved ones and significant others. I get this fun twice a year (fathers day and birthday) and a few other quick moments that occur randomly. Likely the grill is fired up. There’s lots of chopping, dry rubs, garlic and olive oil going on. Might be a bottle of red wine too. Definitely my favorite 2 hours of the year.
    2. A well-planned date night with my wife of over 30 years. I know…we don’t look or act that seasoned do we? It likely consists of the things we already do about every week including a great dinner out, whoever is on at the Palladium and drinks after with friends. Only…lets pre-plan. Slow down. Cherish the moment. And emphasize that it’s a date!!
    3. What’s your tri-fecta? Mine is a hot yoga session followed immediately by a massage, chiropractor visit and lunch at Piada. Yep, I know that’s 4 things.
    4. Grace. Forgiveness. An end to discrimination (of ALL kinds). Joy. Hope. Blessings.
    5. Health. Our family was touched with leukemia this last year. My niece’s 2 year old little one. That changes everything we know about life. Thanks for asking, she is in remission. BrAva is our angel.

    Oh lets be real, I still hope for the new counters, towels, outdoor fireplace, a condo in Arizona and a few concerts with Sting in 2017, but give me 1-5 any day, and I am the luckiest guy you know.