• Nine Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom with WOW

  • “Wow…I love my master bathroom!  I feel like I’m on vacation at a beautiful resort!” a client recently squealed!!

    We love beautifully designed and installed bathrooms too.

    So what are the components of a bathroom that prompt thrilled clients and homeowners to say this?

    Here are 9 sure-fire ways to take you to a bathroom with WOW:

    1. Professionally designed is the primary key.  A designer who appreciates your taste and coordinates all the material selection!  Not most of the material selections…ALL of them.
    2. A soothing paint color pallet leads the charge and sets the overall tone.
    3. We love tile.  Big tile on the floor with smaller on the shower floor.  Coordinated colors and textures.  Want something incredible?  Spend a little more for real.  Real marble.  Real travertine.
    4. A generous size shower is critical.  One with a few recessed niches to store toiletries with sophisticated labels.  Create a shower with a few subtle contrasting tile colors, textures and ribbons of bling.
    5. Frameless shower doors and glass shower walls are very luxurious.  They are very clean and up to date.
    6. The days of boring light fixtures are over.  Get creative and let those make a statement.
    7. Plush towels, substantial art and elegant window treatments are a must.
    8. An understated fragrance puts the mind in a happy spot.  Be selective and subtle.
    9. Want something crazy awesome without an insane price?  Heated floors are the answer.  They are more of an impact than you can appreciate…until you experience it.

    Wow…I love my bathroom!  Do you love yours?