• 6 Reasons Why Fall Is Perfect For A Custom Patio Install

  • It’s always a great time to install a patio, but fall may be the best.  Here are a handful of reasons why:

    1. The weather is nicely predictable and the crazy rains of spring aren’t complicating schedules.
    2. Often times the patio can be designed and constructed so that a family can still appreciate some late fall and early winter enjoyment.  Recall the mild winter a few years ago?  Our family entertained several times in December and January on our patio around the fire feature and loved it.  A few minutes outside quickly changes perspectives.
    3. Completed in the fall, when the early gorgeous spring days arrive and you are excited to burst outside with pent up energy…you will have a cool place to land.
    4. Beat the spring frenzy and usual material costs increases that are often associated the new year.  Our suppliers push out their new cost sheets and catalogs annually around February.
    5. Landscapes are associated incredible outdoor living spaces and plants LOVE to be planted in the fall.  Most favorable mortality ratio, easy to water and the lovely greenies are healed in nicely and ready to thrive during next years drought.
    6. Last but not least?  There is no time like the present.

    Some of our happiest clients are those that wondered about deferring their outdoor living space until next spring, but didn’t.  Join the smart trend.