• 5 Tips for the Perfect July 4th Backyard BBQ Party

  • We love hosting and we love attending summer backyard parties. Oh who are we kidding? Don’t we all love any excuse to be outdoors, especially in summer. Check out our five best tips for those hosting summer 4th of July parties and those attending.

    If you are hosting the party:

    1. Be a boy scout and be prepared.  For anything.  Too much sun.  Too much rain, someone with too much enthusiastic drinking.   You get the picture.  Be prepared.

    2. Muchies rule.  Have a wide variety of snacks that are easy to prepare in advance.

    3. Delegate.  Most guests would love to bring something.  Take them up on their offer and ease your pain.

    4. Have a back up plan.

    5. Games.  Have some.  Yard darts anyone.  More likely it’s corn hole.  Even rookies love this one.

    If you are a guest:

    1. See #1 above and follow their lead.  Be prepared.  Don’t have too much sun, fun and drink.  After all, you want invited back.

    2. Bring a gift.  Fresh cut herbs or flowers are well received and liven up any home.

    3. Dress appropriately and wear layers.  And sunscreen if the party is outside.

    4. Say hi to someone that is a newbie or seems out of place.  You were once the odd man out and who know, you might learn something and make a friend.

    5. Don’t discuss politics.  No Trump or Hillary jokes.  You and I might be able to have a calm discussion and then move on.  Most can not.

    Okay, ready, set, let’s celebrate the 4th in true backyard BBQ style!