• Flat Randy Talks the Perfect Indy 500 Backyard Party


    I can’t wait! How about you? The annual frenzy has started over the gigabyte of backyard parties centered around the BIG race…the greatest spectacle in racing…The Indianapolis 500.

    It looks like it’s going to be a fantastic race with the local boy story of Connor Daly and the usual stars behind the wheel.

    It definitely merits special party planning and here are a few of our favorite tips on turning your outdoor experience into something special:

    1. Plan ahead and get the deck / patio cleaned. We like Olympic Deck Cleanser, which works great on paver patios too. Cleans easily and puts on a nice show. And its quick.

    2. Give the patio furniture a little attention too with a quick scrubbing.

    3. If we are lucky the sun will be blazing and your patio umbrella better be in top shape. Need a new one? I have been amazed at the wonderful values and colors this year at Lowes, Target and Costco.

    4. Nothing states preparedness and ready to race like a proper cooler. I actually prefer a steel container of some sort. It looks edgy and makes a fashion statement. We’ve had 3 for years and employ them often. Pack with a fun variety of whatever thrills your invitation list. Waters in one, soft drinks another and adult beverages in the largest.

    5. Music is a must. Likely from your i phone and spotify. Get a racy playlist preloaded. Put someone in charge of that.

    6. Healthy munchies are a must. Nothing easier and more sporty than a large tray of hummus, olives, nuts and sliced bell peppers, carrots and cucumbers. Throw on a cheese variety and you are good to go.

    7. BBQ. Nothing more to say.

    8. Don’t forget an easy access trashcan, bottle openers, colorful paper plates and napkins in a checkered flag motif, lots of plastic cups. You know the drill.

    9. Outsource some of the food prep and house work.

    10. Tune in to the radio or your hacked television for live viewing and ZOOOOM away.

    Racers…drive safe.

    Backyard guests…have fun and bring a token house gift.