• Did you know that we build more pergolas for reasons other than shade, than we do for shade? Yep. So…what else does a pergola do?

    Shade is an obvious reason to bring a pergola into your outdoor living space. Here are 4 more:

    1. Sexy Privacy. That’s right, privacy. Imagine a neighboring home placed awkwardly close against yours. Often we hope to somehow interrupt the site line and the obvious thought is to plant something big. A strategically placed pergola can be just as affective and more sexy. Particularly if a climbing vine is planted and allowed to grow and offer additional distraction. A beautiful distraction and insanely affective!
    2. Roof. I know, it’s not really a roof and you will get wet when it rains. But it does offer that sense of one and hel


    ps create the outdoor room affect that can be very critical to comfortable outdoor living.
    3. Luxury Vibe. Pergolas just look elegant don’t they? They contribute to the entire outdoor living setting and command a sense of luxury when built with that in mind. Painted or stained, with colorful exterior grade drapes and trim details contribute to the feel.
    4. Wind. Imagine living in a breezy corridor where windy conditions toss napkins onto the lawn and half full c

    ups on your partners lap. Now imagine a pergola with the luxury curtains pulled shut or a recessed blind pulled down. The wind factor has been substantially eliminated.

    Given a few creative prods, I could grow the list farther.

    Perhaps you’ve noticed, we love building pergolas.  They solve a lot of issues for our clients and are a great element for luxury outdoor living!