• The Special Ingredient for Amazing Luxury Outdoor Living

  • We are often asked what sets us apart from our competition.

    I like to think we are being asked because clients sense that there is something special about who we are and how we do business.  We certainly think so.

    It’s taken several years to pinpoinint exactly what that something special is, because to us it’s just part of our normal process.  Drumroll… the special ingredient is… EMOTION.

    Yep, I know that sounds elementary or perhaps too creative minded.  But that’s what does it for our company, leadership, a dedicated landscape architect, expert installation teams and EMOTION.

    Presumably it flows from me and how we function.  The fact is, when Eric Beard, our Landscape Architect, and I can discover some sort of connection with who we are working with, the design soars to new levels.  And often in the end clients become friends and amazingly incredible outdoor living spaces take shape. Not just run of the mill patios, but outdoor spaces that make your spirit sour.

    Think about it.  When we are able to know you on a personal level, learn about you and how you hope to use the space, learn about your family, sports played, wine loved and how you celebrate everyday life…there is a connection that sparks.  So, expect conversations when we meet.  We prefer to listen.  The more you tell us about your thoughts and how you want the curb appeal to feel or how the new deck will be used, the better.

    And when EMOTION happens…the outdoor living magic begins!

    Why not stay home and be moved in 2016, friends?


    – Randy