• The Cabo Emotion and Moving Outdoor Living Spaces

  • Fresh from an extended vacation that ended in Cabo, the creative juices are flowing rampant, and I am recalling of the incredible service we experienced at the Cabo resort.  Simply amazing and beyond anything previously experienced.

    It prompted me to wonder how we make that happen in our business.  How do we create an emotional environment where the staff hungers to please.  Where customers are amazed at the level of dedication and commitment.  Where they are thrilled because the team members have manners and are respectful of their home and family.

    I’m recalling a particular request around a sunny infinity pool in Cabo for a shade umbrella.  Allen (short for Allejandra), the attendant asked where we were lounging and then began jogging.  Yes…jogging!  Hustling around the pool and then the adjoining patio areas searching for an umbrella.  For our comfort.  This went on for 5 minutes until he appeared by our side thrilled with himself that he had searched and then found an umbrella.  Slightly out of breath.


    And then it hit me.  How insanely fortunate we are to actually have staff that performs to that level.  They are kind, ambitious, giving, thoughtful and hardworking.

    At some point during most projects I receive a call from the homeowner saying “your men are great, we love them.”  And then they begin to echo my thoughts above.  Some have tried jokingly to adopt them and there have been several attempts to introduce them to daughters and friends.

    That sort of commitment from team members requires something special.  We call it emotion.  Emotion to care about customers, the project outcome and to be the best.

    So…here’s a shout out to our valued staff.  You are the best!