• Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  • Surroundings by NatureWorks Fire FeatureNaturally our thoughts turn towards squeezing every ounce of outdoor living that we can into our busy worlds before winter 100% invades.

    For my family, that means LOTS of fall dinners on the patio often followed by a few minutes around the gas fire feature that serves to warm our bodies and our souls. Those few minutes often turn into a glass of wine, a cozy blanket and turning a few pages in a favorite magazine or latest book.

    A few Friday nights ago, after another intense week of business, family, fun and Palladium, we invited a few friends over for an impromptu dinner. It wasn’t long before another set of friends texted an invitation to join us and off we went… to another incredible outdoor living experience.

    And often that’s how memories that last forever are created. A little fire, food, friends and “Baby it’s cold outside.”