• Fall Outdoor Living Project Make Great Sense

  • Did you know our happiest spring customers are often the ones that kick-off patio projects in the fall?

    Right now there is a perfect window of 5-6 weeks when patio, deck, pergola and outdoor living space projects can be easily tackled and have you sitting pretty and enjoying the first amazing weeks of spring 2016 in your new space!

    There are so many great reasons to tackle outdoor living projects this fall rather than waiting until spring:

    • Prices are often friendlier in the fall and may go up come spring.
    • Our schedule is little more flexible in the fall.
    • We aren’t dealing with the “joys” of spring mud.
    • This year, El Nino is slated to bring warmer than usual winter temps to Indiana.
    • An outdoor upgrade is a gift the whole family can appreciate this holiday season.


    So for a moment, imagine that it is early March and the first beautiful days of spring have everyone excited to spend time outside. The sun is shining and warm on your face. You’re smiling because you’re on your new patio, sipping your coffee and welcoming the joys of spring all around you.

    It can be a reality, friends. An incredible outdoor living space all your own is just 5-6 weeks away. Give us a call today to get on the schedule for a fall 2015 install and just sit back and imagine how good spring is going to feel in a few short months. You’ll be so glad you did.