• Bathroom Remodel FAQs

  • There’s been a sudden burst in handyman requests for bathroom renovations.

    Some are pretty simple, yet make a quick and dramatic difference. These often include changing out the vanity handles, updating the fixtures (shower head, faucets) and a fresh coat of paint. Occasionally we sand and paint the vanity for a larger impact, if the vanity is of sufficient quality. Adding a tile trim around an existing tub or shower serves to elevate the space significantly.

    Usually just a short a 2-3 day process, and suddenly, an outdated bathroom looks pretty darn good.

    Large-scale bathroom renovations can get quite involved. Showers are completely demolished and new footprints established with recessed niches to store supplies and a small bench for comfort. Natural stone tile is the preferred surface with marble, slate or travertine tile. The view completely changes with a frameless shower door. New vanities with granite counters, updated tub, fixtures replaced and of course a new tile floor followed by paint.

    The options are endless and can elevate your stale bathroom into modern. And remember bathroom remodels provide an 80% ROI when professionally designed installed.