• Hunger for Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces

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    The number of google hits that “Luxury Outdoor Living Spaces” pops up is not surprising, although a very large number. It frankly reflects our nations hunger for outdoor living. Obviously there are plenty of definitions of luxury and likely yours is different than mine. And that is very exciting. What’s equally exciting is that all of our definitions are correct.

    There are likely several common components. Most believe we need some sort of patio or space to park ourselves on. Other believe that landscaping is essential. I agree that both are primary components…the basics. Beyond that it gets very imaginative.

    Shade is imperative in our world. When the sun is blazing, we need relief and that often happens in a number of ways. Shade trees take time, but work. Umbrellas can offer immediate relief with a pop of vibrant color too. We especially like the cantilever umbrellas for creating large rooms of shade. Pergolas…now that’s my favorite tool for creating shade. And, like umbrellas, they come in all shapes and sizes.

    Grilling is tops on our families list too. Well, mine anyway. Nothing says luxury and fun more than an upscale grill or grill station. Again, lots of definitions and options available and many are quasi-prefabricated for quick setup. Custom grill areas rule, however.

    Fire anyone? A fire feature is similar to your granite kitchen counter. It’s a place where people love to gather. Boulder fire pits to custom brick and mortar fire …they all work!

    Of course the list continues from water features to outdoor rugs and cushions.

    Regardless of your definition…enjoy your outdoor space often!

    Stay home. Be moved, friends.