• Crushed Stone Patios

  • Next time you receive a colorful outdoor living catalog, check out the patio surfaces underneath the luxury patio furniture. I think you will find it peculiar the variety of surfaces. Not every patio has to be brick.

    In fact, close to half of the patios in a recent Frontgate catalog were something besides brick! A few were traditional concrete and there was a handful of decks. We like them both and design/install many. Most of the non-traditional surfaces however, were crushed stone.

    Crushed stone…what’s that? The options are endless, but we have settled on a handful of aggregate that we like. They are full of color, packed with texture and don’t travel on your feet as you leave the surface.

    Recall a recent visit to a historic garden, old mansion or art gallery. Crushed stone patios and walks seem to prevail at these domains. Think these old world souls might have a clue about fashion and longevity? We do.

    Our point is that there are plenty of surfaces to build your patio out of. Let us encourage you to have an open mind. And we will too.

    Stay home. Be moved, friends.