• Vegetable Gardens Take Their Place in the Landscape

  • Confession?  I am a veggie junkie.  Fruits too.  My girls call me a health freak, among other less than glamorous names.

    We are imagining more veggie gardens installed as the luxury outdoor living lifestyle takes shape.  Mostly small and manageable 3’x6’ gardens and even veggiesmore container gardens.  At least that is how to start the process and perhaps grow from there … pun intended.

    Adam, a brilliant team leader / business owner / installer in our employ, has gone overboard.  So has my neighbor Richie.  HUGE plots have been turned over and elaborate raised gardens with strategic paths built.  Frankly, it’s impressive and has impacted how the families eat.


    Fresh herbs are a blast and are typically easily grown.  Few thinks crank up a meal more than fresh basil or rosemary, my 2 favorites.  Thyme, cilantro and oregano are close behind and seldom does a meal pass that I’m not pinching and tossing something on the plate without an herb.

    Rosemary and thyme crusted new potatoes on the grill are champions, basil on anything blackened or spicy mahi tacos off the grill are thrilling and oregano brightens anything Italian.  Even a blend of fresh herbs used in a dry rub is great.

    From there we will grow a few tomatoes, bell peppers, hot peppers.  And that’s about it.  I would love to do more, but frankly feel beyond my pay grade.  Doesn’t make sense does it?  Maybe it’s the time commitment?

    Nevertheless, remember the “strive for 5” sensation?  Strive to get a combination of 5 fruits and veggies a day in your system.  M e… I’m a “get your 10” sort of health freak.  At least that’s what my girls say.

    As you plan your spring, are you considering setting aside space to grow some veggies and herbs?