• Steel, Cinder Block and Gravel

  • Certainly these don’t have a place in an elegant back yard living space, do they?  Think again, and let me challenge your material pallet.

    Those materials thrive in micros space and those that need to have an element of natural in them.   They are remarkable in mid-century modern settings and rock in modern patios and landscapes too.

    We are just finishing a very provocative space in Carmel … “Conservative USA” … that is packed with all these elements: steel, cinder block and gravel.  Crushed stone is a more descriptive way to describe gravel.  The objective was to echo places the married couple have traveled over the years in NYC, Chicago, Paris, etc., where there are no discriminations against materials.

    This micro space will be one of the most interesting, livable and incredible spaces we have designed and installed in our 22 years.  And it will stand the test of time, will NOT look like everyone else’s back yard and have and insane ROI.

    Let’s open our minds to new, and old, materials that can inspire.  It may just cause your space to feel amazing.