• Boring? Not Us!

  • Fortunately that is NOT how most of our designs and installed projects are described.  And we are incredibly grateful for that.

    How we manage that is a curious process.  It takes inspiration and extreme dedication to be unique and classic.  Conversely, it’s very easy (lazy seems like such a mean word) to follow the norm and rely on manufacturers catalogs for new ideas.

    Sooooo, we scour the internet, read edgy magazines, take tours when on vacations, brainstorm with each other and our installers and heavily challenge each other to be more innovative.  Innovative in a way that will stand the test of time.  Innovative in a way that does not escalate the cost dramatically.


    The process does not get old.  It can be fatiguing at times, but exhilarating the next moment.

    A few favorite places we have discovered a new idea or material?  The Pint Room and Piada, both in Carmel, have interesting textures and material pallets we have employed … and we like the craft beers too.  NYC, New Orleans, Paris, London, Chicago all are challenging to our senses and have distinct issues to manage.  It’s fun to see how they define privacy, work with traffic flow and turn a micro space into something incredible.

    That’s how we stay fresh!