• Landscaping Trends for 2015

  • It’s already happening.  Perennially it does.  The questions regarding the HOT trends for the year come from the media wondering the new twist, clients hoping to

    be on the leading edge and simply casual cocktail conversation.  I love it!!

    Here is the EARTH SHATTERING trend news for 2015 and even beyond … the appreciation for incredible outdoor living spaces continues to grow!  Yep, I know this does not sound too sexy, but when taken from a macro perspective, it is absolutely a nation changing trend.  Here’s why:

    1. This trend will continue to encourage brilliant product designers to discover new materials, upgraded grilling features, edgy shade structures/umbrellas and discoveries.  A boon to the economy and thriving firms like ours.
    2. It pushes stone quarries to find efficiencies for harvesting, manufacturing and calibrating for consistency and quality resulting in unimagined patios, fireplaces and seating walls.
    3. The trend brings family and friends together more than ever.  Better than your very own theater room.
    4. It entices workaholics to sneak home early for a grill party, adding years of life to the guilty ones.
    5. It saves marriages.  I repeat … it saves marriages.
    6. Outdoor living spaces increases books read, wine consumed and smiles formed.