• Landscape to Beat Winter Dreariness

  • Now is the perfect time to catch a glimpse of your landscape and take a critical eye for winter interest.  If you are like me, it almost doesn’t matter because I avoid theHydrangeas in the Snow cold/dreary outside as much as possible … unless it’s sunny.  But, it’s important as we drive through the neighborhood and is a confident reminder that you care.

    As I write this, I can see the insanely brilliant Bacheri Blue Spruce outside the window.  This is a real specimen with compact silvery blue needles adding tons of color to the landscape.  The Dwarf Fountain grass planted in mass show off toasty foliage with bird loving seed heads that are contrasted against the Wardi Yew soft cluster.

    The driveway entry onto the sidewalk greets visitors with a Green Velvet Boxwood hedge hugging a 12’ length of custom Walpole fencing.  Dogwoods and spent Hydrangea both hang out around the area and provide nice texture.  A single specimen Blue Girl Holly with orange berry clusters helps too.

    Even the Baltic Ivy and Sedum groundcover are strong winter interest contributors.  And never underestimate the power of intriguing bed lines, boulder outcroppings and massive shade trees, often referred to as the “bones” of the landscape.

    Winter interest can be achieved through all sorts of strategies.  Now is the time to confirm your landscape is a stellar performer. Want to know more? Check out this new addition to our video library!