• Surviving SAD and Old Man Winter

  • I firmly believe that most of us have some degree of SAD, or Seasonal Affective Disorder, which essentially states that winter doldrums are a real thing and prompted by 2014-01-07 13.41.49reduced sun intake from shorter and generally overcast days

    Our family deals with SAD as a serious manner and recognizes that we have to strategically attack the issue.  Here are a few tips on how to beat the winter doldrums:

    1. Exercise is at the top of the list and a daily heart rate thrill will release happy endorphins.  It works!  20 minutes will do the trick if it’s a “rockin” pace.
    2. Occasional professional therapy and / or medication for extreme rescues has proved worthwhile.
    3. I’ve been known to hang out in my SUV with the sun-roof positioned to gently wash my face and eyes.  The sunroom dining table works too.  Just follow the sun.
    4. Loads of carbohydrates produces a quick sense of relief…followed by “why did I eat that much pizza” guilt.  So, slam the fruits and veggies with 6-10 servings a day to keep from feeling sluggish.  Knowing that you are eating healthy is a nice mental boost.
    5. Traveling to sunny places in the winter is a major lift.  Generally the Midwest is very cloudy, but Michigan seems to be a close sunny spot for us.  Of course, we prefer Florida, Arizona or Kawuai.
    6. When a rare sunny day presents itself here in Hoosierland, a quick walk around the block, golf course or park is a huge smile getter.  No one is interested in the quasi-forced excursions, but 5 minutes into the power stroll and I see smiles and hear giggles.  That’s a good sign.
    7. Focusing on a hobby offers a sense of accomplishment that is affective.  So is developing a mantra that you repeat several times a day (I am a happy, engaged, athletic dude filled with grateful blessings).
    8. Try a “Gratitude Journal” noting 3 things every day you are grateful for.  Be creative with your notes.


    Hope that helps lift your spirits for the next few months.  “Go Get Em” and Stay Home. Be Moved.