• Design Disidents

  • “Design?  Who needs a silly design?  Let me pencil something and you can go from there.”Landscape Design

    That used to be such a common conversation.  Not anymore.  I believe HGTV has been a powerful contributor to the appreciation for a correct, thoughtful and professional design.

    No longer are we forced to defend the need for a design or the modest fee associated with it.  In fact, we never defended it.  We typically need a design, charge for it and our smart customer base has known that for over a decade.  If a potential customer was not interested in the process … we simply parted ways in a courteous fashion.  We hope that doesn’t sound too arrogant.

    Regardless, imagine trying to offer a vision for your commanding front entry or back yard living retreat without knowing what to quote, or the shape of the beds, size of the patio, number of steps, etc…  it’s just not possible.

    So, thanks to our progressive and growing communities, thanks to L.A./Atlanta/Chicago and other large metropolitan areas blazing the trail and thanks to HGTV for helping us appreciate the value of great design.

    After all, you want an incredible space don’t you?  Not something penciled on the back of a napkin. We believe in relationships and good design … check out our video for more detail about our customer relationships.