• Economic Benefits of Landscaped Homes

  • Boring economic stuff but very compelling when contemplating your next home project and its ROI.

    1. Homes with excellent landscaping can generate a sale price about 6-7% higher than comparable house with good landscaping, according to a Clemson University study.
    2. A single urban tree can provide up to $273 a year in air conditioning, pollution fighting, erosion and storm water control and wildlife shelter benefits.  American Forests states that tress can reduce temperatures by as much as nine degrees.
    3. The American Public Power Association shows that landscaping can reduce air conditioning by as much as 50% from shading windows and walls of homes.  We have friends who have experienced even more.
    4. Money Magazine states landscape improvements can bring a recovery value of 100 to 200 percent  We witness 90-125 percent return-on-investment regularly.

    For us and those we gratefully install incredible outdoor living spaces for… the greatest Return On Investment is unimagined enjoyment of the space.  How it brings families together, heals relationships, creates family and friend memories and forces relaxation.

    Stay Home.  Be Moved.