• Solutions for Patio Shade

  • Shade continues to dominate our design / build conversations and our creative juices are creating several compelling solutions.  While traditional methods are still valid and planting shade trees is still one of the most effective long-term solutions, we sure love employing a few modern ideas.

    Pergolas are being designed and built at a record pace in our humble business and our teams proceed from one edgy structure to the next.  Most have a similar theme but they are all very custom and need to be to answer each homes unique characteristics.  Location and size of posts and columns can have a dramatic shade impact as well as the overhead members themselves.  Often a single layer of overheads are sufficient but we let the position of the sun and homeowners level of protection guide that decision.


    Modern day solutions continue to emerge and we have long embraced a few edgy ideas.  Our favorites?  Mounting a retractable blind in the pergola beams that can be lowered in the late afternoon and evening for protection that the pergola can’t answer.  Shade sails are another forward-thinking strategy, although it certainly requires the right setting and neighborhood association approvals too.

    A recent project prompted galvanized steel panels embedded in the overhead pergola members for more dense shade.  Cantilever umbrellas are one of my favorite ideas and custom lattice structures can work too.  And the ideas keep emerging.

    Shade.  Get yours today!!