• Outdoor Furniture Protection

  • Luxury outdoor living spaces often require modern, upscale patio furniture that sometimes costs more than we would prefer.  Yet, we take the plunge or purchase appropriately nice furniture from one of the big box retailers…I’m guilty. When spending this kind of bread on outdoor furniture, it’s important to remember that the elements outdoors are relentless and will damage your furniture faster than you think.

    Protecting your investment is critical. Colorful cushions with vibrant frames quickly become weathered and fade when left in the elements.  The sun quickly fades and ages materials.  That, compounded with pollution and acid rain, can turn new furniture grungy in only one season, particularly when pollen or dirt from landscaping or nearby road construction settles in.

    Furniture covers are a wonderful investment and offer great protection.  Our recent purchase from Frontgate looks very fashionable and is easy to put on and take off.  There are storage handles on each cover, so we simply remove and hang them in the garage.  I am imagining that, because of the quality, we will be able to leave our furniture out through the winter, saving a ton of storage space in the garage.

    It can be a moderate annoyance at times when you simply want to hang out for a few minutes…but it is well worth it.  When we see a stretch of nice weather and multiple opportunities to grill and hang out over a few days, we will leave the covers off.  You get the idea.


    Outdoor living amenities can be costly.  Protect your investment.