• When Do-It-Yourself Goes Bad

  • No worries.  Frankly most men aren’t handy either.  We just buy tools and more tools, and start twisting bolts and gluing stuff.  Next thing we know… the disposal worksHandyman Services Carmel Indiana again!

    Duck tape and wire are really your 2 best friends when it comes to most home repairs.  That was my father’s mode of operation, and it worked for him.   Come to think of it, it didn’t work for him at all?  I recall a stock car race he was involved with and the bumper was hanging off a car.  He took off his belt as he was running across the race track and hoisted the bumper in place with the belt.  Won the race (well, at least that’s my story).


    Seriously, hiring a handyman to do a list of repairs should not be that difficult.  But in fact, it is.  Not because you don’t know who to call.  It really is a trust factor.

    Think about it for a minute though.  Most of the time we frankly don’t know how long it will take to complete a particular task.  We have a smart idea.  But often there are issues.  You are familiar with issues, right?

    Hanging a ceiling fan should take two hours.  Unless the electrical does not comply with the new fan.  Or the stud in the ceiling does not line up correctly.  Or the switch on the wall is two wire and the new fan is three wire (whatever that means).  Or you purchased the very modern fan that has 27 different parts we have to assemble.

    Same thing with a “simple” dry wall repair or replacing a faucet.  Most are very straightforward.  But often there is a little whatchamacallit that was left out of the packing slip.  Or the directions were clearly written in another country that does not quite correlate with our left / right and up / down.

    Here is my advice.  Buy some duct- or duck-tape, a little wire and call a handyman service that you trust — someone you know that will treat you fairly and keep you updated on progress.

    Ducket tape!