• My Ugly Hot Tub

  • I’m with you.  You just spent several thousand dollars on a beautiful hot tub … but, the problem is the hot tub ain’t quite beautiful. Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 7.56.44 PM

    So you give us a call to “soften” the appearance.

    Fortunately there are several ways to accomplish that.  We build decks around them.  We build deck steps around them.  We hide them with fantastic greenery that makes you forget about what the hot tub used to look like.


    Here’s my point.  The cost of the hot tub is just the beginning.

    A concrete or compacted stone base is necessary as is electrical.  And, not just any electrical.  It has to be 220 vs. 110.  Which really means expensive vs. just a few hundred dollars.

    Then we have subtle landscaping, cool limestone slab steps to wander your way to the hot tub and the necessary gracious wrap steps that carry your gently into the hot pool of joy.

    Note that this is from experience, and I LOVE my hot tub.  But there is more to the cost of a hot tub than the receptacle itself.

    Happy bubbles.

    (p.s. Beauty being in the eye of the beholder, etc. … the pictured hot tub is a “Dutchtub,” a portable model that’s warmed with a wood fire with a natural circulation.)