• Legend of the Dogwood

  • Are you familiar with the “Legend of the Dogwood?”  As a person of faith, you will especially appreciate it.

    Legend has it that Christ was crucified on the wood sacrificed from a dogwood tree.  Pre- crucifixion, dogwood Dogwood Treetrees were massive and grew on straight and very strong trunks.  Post crucifixion, they are considered an ornamental tree, do not grow strong enough to support the weight of a man and have a twisted and fractured trunk.

    Look closely at the pure spring white flower pedal, that shows itself annually around Easter, and you will notice that the interior forms the shape of a cross.  Curiously it has 4 crimson stains on each pedal representing the puncture wounds.

    The summer orange clusters of fruit, or “nine fruits of the spirit,” has a circular detail in the middle that appears to be a crown of thorns.

    Flowering dogwoodDogwood trees have long been one of our favorite ornamental trees, and we specify them in designs when the conditions allow.  We love their spring flower, delicate appearance and colorful fruit and fall leaves.  The “Legend” elevates our appreciation of the tree.

    Happy Easter!