• Five Reasons an On-Site Landscape Design May Work For You

  • We know the design process can be a little intimidating, especially if you have never done it before. Fortunately we have a simple solution that is quick, easy and incredibly effective. We call it “on-site design.” Here’s why it may work for you:

    1. When urgency prevails, this on-site sketch provides quick feedback and ideas of what could happen in your backyard complete with a patio surface and landscape.
    2. Often we can couple that with associated costs. Does it get any better than that?  Yes!
    3. The plant materials are identified and costs are associated with each section … a cost for the deck/patio, landscape, sitting walls, water feature, lawn, etc.
    4. It’s fast and typically takes a few hours to design and price. We like to say it takes two hours … plus 25 years of experience … to make it happen.
    5. It’s often amazing what can happen in that short time span. Ideas form, beds take shape, visions are penciled and the excitement builds.  Soon, we can all see the family having a blast in your back yard or being thrilled with the updated, drive-up appeal.
    6. It’s cost affective too.  Typically a $250 design fee, or half the cost of heading back to the studio to do a computer-aided design.

    Regardless, what a fantastic method to start imagining your new space with associated costs and the professionals to guide the process.

    We love on-site designs! You will too.