• Five Favorite Flowering Trees and Shrubs

  • HydrangeaEvergreens are nice, but don’t we really devour the gorgeous flowering trees and shrubs? Here are my absolute favorites (subject to change immediately after the release of this blog):

    1. Let’s group serviceberries, dogwoods and redbuds into onA. These guys are all stellar performers that bloom profusely for a long time and offer spectacular fall color and intriguing winter interest. Nothing else to say except to make sure you plant the dogwoods on a north or east wall for protection. Oh, want a good story?  Check out the legend of the dogwood.
    2. Never heard of a French Lilac tree?  Imagine the shrub in a tree form and lets plant a few. Full sun and soon a small shade tree will do its job. Enjoy.
    3. Hydrangeas have always been a favorite of mine, but our drought stricken summers are giving us pause. That sounded terribly affected. Sorry. Instead of planting an entire bed of these lovelies, plant just a few as accents. We like the Alice Oak Leaf, Tardiva and Pinky Winky for areas that can take a 6’x6’ shrub. Smaller areas will appreciate the re-bloomers like Endless Summer. But if you want the best and something your friends have not seen, plant a Glowing Embers hydrangea.
    4. Heavy sun and no moisture areas will dig the Potentilla, one of the longest flowering 2’x2’ shrubs that come in a few colors, or a ninebark shrub that has stunning purple leaves, white flowers and grows like its on steroids.
    5. My last pick. That’s difficult. Each home has its own characteristics, its own homeowners and vision that we develop. Let’s allow that last shrub or tree be the unique one that speaks to your circumstances. It could be a Japanese Maple, Wine and Rose Weigela or Horse Chestnut Tree. Let’s figure that out together.

    But, definitely something flowering.