• Three Alternatives to Paver Patios

  • Not everyone needs a concrete paver patio in their backyard.  In fact, we believe there are several alternatives, including:

    1. Who said decks were out of style?  Not us.  If fact, built correctly with the right materials, it could be the best solution for you.  Don’t get caught up with what your last deck looked like or your parent’s deck.  We don’t build them like that anymore.  Think edgy materials with clean lines, disappearing spindles / railing and built in benches that beg a book to be read.
    2. Crushed stone … isn’t that just a fancy word for gravel?  Sure is.  Next time you get your favorite outdoor living catalog from FRONTGATE or Southern Living, check out the incredibly cool outdoor vignettes and see how many are on crushed stone.  Most of them.  Of course it takes the right circumstances with the right home, etc. But for ridiculously cost affective and a crunchy texture, try crushed stone.  ALL of our clients we have built them for salivate over them.  And, your neighbor will be jealous of your courage to do it.
    3. We still love concrete in the right circumstance.  Love may be a strong word, but in the right location it is absolutely the best choice.  With a brick ribbon or slate accent around the exterior edge, you will thing we are the KINGS of patios.  Hmmmm.  Maybe we are?

    Crazy?  Not really, but it could work.