• Not Too Early to Start Your Outdoor Living Plans

  • Businesses everywhere are feeling the pain of winter.  The extreme temperatures, wind and icy snow have a habit of keeping generous consumers in their homes and out of the restaurants.  The shopping malls, particularly the open-air variety, have predominantly experienced frigid January traffic.  Perhaps the only retailers doing well are the grocery stores.  A couple of visits to the big box home improvement stores have been eerily quite.


    What’s this mean to you, if you hope to update your landscape, outdoor living space or bring in a contractor to update a tire living room or kitchen?  Likely, when the sun presents itself and the temps begin rising (next week maybe), there will be a furious rush to get things done.


    Optimistically, we are planning for another fantastic year in our design/build/ landscape business and expect the momentum from 2013 to continue.  Which means when spring hits … we should be very, very busy.  We, being the entire home improvement industry in general, and SURROUNDINGS  by NatureWorks, specifically.

    Luxury outdoor living saw a huge surge last year, and I believe we are riding the trends of a new way of living. Gen X’ers and Y’ers are driven on how they will live and it involves plenty of time to enjoy themselves outside … even at the expense of higher incomes and a glossy career. Boomers are booming, which means we want to be comfortable and have the home improvements done for us. Economists, futurists and leading economists often reference this configuration.

    So, if you are hoping to participate in some sort of home improvement this spring, let me encourage you to make the call to your favorite firm to get scheduled.  Before the line gets too long.