• How Global Issues Impact Your Backyard

  • Hard to imagine that global economics and geopolitical issues actually have an impact on our simple design, build, landscape business here in Carmel, Indiana.

    Here are a few curious examples …

    • When the U.S. decided to slap a tariff on certain products from Turkey, the price of travertine — which we use often in patios —  increased by 10%
    • A few years ago when the travertine supply chain collapsed and a new quarry in Turkey came on line, the price of travertine dropped by 75%
    • The national recession prompted several growers to plant fewer trees resulting in a shortage of nice shade trees.  That will impact what we design and how much we charge
    • Our business follows the markets … when the DOW is cranking, our phones are ringing and customers are freely moving forward.  Consumer confidence is a very large factor.
    • Soaring gas prices a few years ago caused mulch price to soar as well.  Fortunately they have since moderated.
    • Global Warming is encouraging us to plant trees and shrubs that don’t drink so much.  We are using less mulch and more crushed stone in its place with smarter irrigation systems.