• Movement … Not a Trend

  • Movement, not a trend.“I’m more interested in movements…things that begin with integrity and that are going to be with us for a long time,” proclaimed Thomas Keller of the highly fashionable restaurant, French Laundry.  The legendary chef was illustrating his disdain for following the latest trend of what’s popular, which succinctly represents our strategic perspective.  After all, who wants their customized back yard living space to look like most of the others in their neighborhood?


    The featured elegant backyard living space speaks well of Thomas Keller’s respected view and how we Movementlove to design / build / landscape.  Here, classic elements, used sparingly and married with a previously installed paver patio, served to remarkably elevate the sophistication.  It’s amazing what a few extra feet around the edge of the patio will do with traffic flow and fresh furniture placement.  Suddenly there is ample room for entertaining and relaxing.

    Special neighborhoods, like the Villages of West Clay, call for a special palate of materials.  The trusted Indiana limestone employed for the modern seat walls and columns, was gently tumbled to soften the edges and add a volume of warmth.  Historic feeling Pennsylvania slate in soft blues and grays adds color, drama and flow to the space.  It’s hard to imagine that a simple stone can do all that’s.  Landscape Architect Eric Beard’s brilliant design helps.

    This customized fire feature with a chimney feel at the rear and a welcoming front, coupled with subtle night lighting and privacy landscape serves to warm the space.  Gas fed, it can be used entirely as gas or as a starter for a few chunks of firewood. I believe we are experiencing a lasting movement that will serve our families and friendships well through luxurious outdoor living.