• Phased Landscape Project Allow for Time and Tweaks

  • We love phased projects.  It allows us to get to know the appreciative homeowners deeper, create lasting friendships and learn living patterns which often prompts us to tweak future phases. (Visit our YouTube Channel to learn more about Phased Landscape Projects.)

    The original phase of this particular project called for the architecturally relevant screened porch addition with a very edgy, 2013-06-10 14.48.43Azek decking clad grill station nestled inside.  Nestled implies tucked in and cozy.  This 16’ x 20’ generous floor plan was anything but cramped for space.  The late setting sun beaming into the porch was welcome, but mitigated with jazzy drapes that the Mrs. sourced.  Thanks Angie. It adds lots of elegant drama and a fantastic designers touch.

    3Q 2012 called for the classic clay paver patio installation with all the hoped for embellishments … a two-post cedar pergola with a suspended authentic wooden swing, rustic boulder fire pit that screams rebellion and an excuse to party, romantic night lighting …“just in case,” and the correct volume of color / texture / evergreen from the surrounding landscape.  Don’t forget the privacy that seems to magically happen.  And that is exactly how it was planned, natural privacy … not forced.

    It finalized a few weekends ago with a son graduating from BSU and a gigabyte of thrilled relatives congregating for the proud weekend.  For whatever reason, the night lighting system was not cooperating and we received a hopeful call to troubleshoot before guests arrived in a few hours.  Imagine that a cute little critter had chomped the low voltage line into a crumbly mess.  A quick repair set the stage for a wonderful celebration in this incredible outdoor living space.

    THAT is what I love about correctly designed and constructed outdoor retreats.  Great families, creating marvelous memories.  Happy graduation to all.  Go get em!